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Through a holistic approach to natural health and wellness my aim is to provide you with support in raising consciousness, personal development, emotional support and increased self-awareness. Inviting balance within the whole Self: Mind, Body and Spirit, I can offer to you the opportunity to learn simple techniques to help you in areas of your life where you may need extra support.

We are offering a beautiful riverside paddock for your very own private retreat getaway!

Step into Nature as you enjoy refreshing river swims, a hot alfresco nature shower and a warm double bed to snuggle in whilst you listen to the ripple of the rushing river and the beautiful bird song of South Shropshire. Our comfortable composting loo has the most wonderful view so it’s known as “the loo with a view!”

Go wild and enjoy beautiful country walks or bike trails, enjoy the nearby adventure centre with country horse treks and perhaps you’ll just love the ambience and great food offered at our local pub.

Stay off grid, stepping lightly on this beautiful Earth whilst still enjoying the ability to charge your phone and enjoy solar lighting and a small gas stove for your convenience.

Enjoy some peace and quiet in your own private paddock. The paddock sits adjacent to a lovely slow flowing river with easy access for river bathing. The tent has a comfy double bed, coffee table and comfy chairs, a side board for preparing drinks, and looks out onto the tranquil Shropshire Countryside.

Although remote, there are a number of lovely walks in the area, and we can also offer yoga, reiki, crystal healing as well as various refreshments.

Fall asleep to the sound of the river, and wake up to the harmony of nature.

For the full bespoke retreat experience you can book in for yoga, reiki, crystal therapy and even allow us to provide you with delicious healthy and nutritious meals leaving you feeling energised and refreshed filled with vitality and wonder for all that Mother Gaia provides.

Get in touch with us to discuss the package that is just right for you.

Step into Nature

Go Wild!

Stay off grid